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Lomonds of Fife Hill Race
 Race Details
Race Date Sunday, 18 August 2019
Start Time 1:00pm
Venue Strathmiglo Village Hall
Website http://www.lomondhillrunners.co.uk
Distance 16 km
Climb 750 m
Record (M) 1:22:10 - Jonathan Crickmore (2018)
Record (F) 1:47:55 - Jenny McCall (2018)

Route on Garmin Connect

New Lomonds of Fife route. Park at the hall or safely nearby. Entries on the day close at 12.30pm.

The start and finish is approx 2km (walk/jog/bike) up the tarred track that runs south towards the hills.

Start straight ahead on the small forest track. After 500m turn left on main forestry road. The next section follows the previous route as far as East Lomond (CP1) and back to the Maiden Castle (Checkpoint 2 - 222069).

Drop off the west end of Maiden Castle and pick up a small track which traverses round towards West Lomond keeping the trees a few hundred meters on your right. Reach a gap in a wall with a gate (Checkpoint 3 - 205072) Cross gate and turning slightly up and left pick up a small track passing some small quarry workings. This takes you round to a rocky gully. Climb the gully and then up to West Lomond.

Take the track heading west from the top of West Lomond. Branch left after 200m. Reach the fence (marshall). Descend a very steep grassy gully. Good luck! Round the Bannet Stane (189071 - Checkpoint 4).

Climb back up left to a fence (original ascent). Follow it to a stile. Follow a grassy track and cut off it left to a stream source (Checkpoint 5 - 195071). Make a descending traverse back to the gate entering the woods (204075).

After entering the forest, go 300m ahead then turn right, up the forestry track. After about 700m turn left down the small marked track to join the original ascent track and back to the start/finish.

 Previous Results
YearWinnerFirst Lady
2018 Jonathan Crickmore (1:22:10) Jenny McCall (1:47:55)
2017 Alexander Chepelin (1:23:15) Gillian Cairns (1:57:03)
2016 Scott Fraser (1:27:07) Rachel Dance (2:08:14)
2015 Andrew Gilmore (1:29:16) Megan Mowbray (1:48:33)
2014 Donald Naylor (1:27:39) Jasmin Paris (1:34:22)
2013 Dan Gay (1:24:54) Charlotte Morgan (1:37:08)
2012 Hector Haines (1:27:56) Sarah O`Neil (1:42:13)
2011 Mark Harris (1:27:44) Rowena Bell-Scott (1:48:03)
2010 Robbie Simpson (1:30:17) Sarah O`Neil (2:05:19)
2009 Brian Marshall (1:40:52) Rachel Fagan (2:04:11)
2008 Andy Symonds (1:34:51) Lucy Colquhoun (1:52:46)
2007 Andy Symonds (1:29:22) Elke Prasad (1:44:37)
2006 Donald Naylor (1:36:09) Jocelyn Scott (2:06:03)
2005 David Rodgers (1:08:13) Kate Jenkins (1:23:46)
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