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John Telfer
Ranking 146.8%
Races 58
Northumberland FR
96 Runners
 Race Records
Although not officially proven I doubt whether as many other people fell over as many times during the Borrowdale race this year as I did. I put it down to trying to go too fast, others may suggest a lack of co-ordination and stupidity.
 Favourite Races
Every race I have done has had some kind of special appeal be it on grounds of size, the nature of the course or the scenery. However, being a lover of all things Lakeland I would have to plump for the Borrowdale. The weekend in Rosthwaite just seemed to revolve around the race and you were felt you were part of something special.
 Most Memorable Race
Borrowdale and Two Breweries stand out. Borrowdale for the atmosphere and the fact it was the only race where I spilt blood (misplaced rock on the Corridor Route - could have sworn it wasn't there when I was last there in 2004) and Two Breweries for it feeling like the hardest race I had done, those ascents of Hundlescope and Trahenna still make me wake up at night with cramp. However, like any long race once you finish them all the pain and bad memories disappear.
 Other Interests
Reputedly I have a wife and three teenage daughters who I see from time to time but think I am completely mad consoling themselves that I could have chosen ballroom dancing as a way of getting over my supposed mid-life crisis. My training partner is a 6 year old border collie who if I had legs and stamina like him I would be world champion by now. Whisper it but I have supported QPR for 35 years through thin and thin
Year: Race: Lucky Dip
Year: All Years Races recorded: 58 races Ranking: 146.8%
 Pos.Race NameDate  Time%Winner
R 44 Manor Water Hill Race 12/10/20191:54:23157.3%
R 46 Manor Water Hill Race 13/10/20181:55:08156.8%
R 181 Pentland Skyline (ONLINE ENTRY) 08/10/20174:08:23167.6%
R 79 Two Breweries Hill Race 23/09/20174:39:23155.8%
R 191 Pentland Skyline (ONLINE ENTRY) 14/10/20124:06:21166.9%
R 46 Manor Water Hill Race 13/10/20121:45:38149.7%
R 103 Two Breweries Hill Race 22/09/20124:32:59158.8%
R 112 Pentland Skyline (ONLINE ENTRY) 09/10/20113:49:41145.2%
R 49 Manor Water Hill Race 08/10/20111:41:23147.8%
R 88 Two Breweries Hill Race 24/09/20114:36:02156.8%
R 88 Lomonds of Fife Hill Race 21/08/20112:10:28148.7%
R 35 Durisdeer Hill Race 11/06/20112:19:25151.5%
R 112 Stuc a`Chroin Hill Race 30/04/20113:40:34159.9%
R 68 Manor Water Hill Race 09/10/20101:37:56138.8%
R 68 Ben Venue Hill Race 02/10/20101:50:10155.3%
R 19 Durisdeer Hill Race 12/06/20102:14:23152.3%
R 31 Loch Lochy Munros 05/06/20103:15:39154.7%
R 121 Tinto Hill Race 07/11/20090:43:56139.6%
R 105 Pentland Skyline (ONLINE ENTRY) 11/10/20093:44:27153.8%
R 43 Manor Water Hill Race 10/10/20091:32:37134.6%
R 75 Two Breweries Hill Race 26/09/20094:11:04149.9%
R 324 Ben Nevis Race 05/09/20092:38:21171.1%
R 52 Lomonds of Fife Hill Race 16/08/20092:16:26135.3%
R 51 Glenshee 9 09/08/20095:17:29158.5%
R 70 Turnhouse Hill Race 22/07/20090:36:07142.1%
R 58 Red Moss Revolution 24/06/20090:48:45139.1%
R 40 Eildon Three Hill Race 20/06/20090:42:02133.5%
R 37 Traprain Law Race 13/06/20090:53:21130.0%
R 43 Gypsy Glen Hill Race 13/05/20090:42:54132.5%
R 122 Dumyat Hill Race 06/05/20090:49:53142.5%
R 210 Stuc a`Chroin Hill Race 02/05/20093:21:04160.4%
R 220 Carnethy 5 Hill Race 14/02/20091:15:06141.6%
R 121 Tinto Hill Race 08/11/20080:45:28140.8%
R 131 Pentland Skyline (ONLINE ENTRY) 12/10/20083:53:08157.4%
R 59 Manor Water Hill Race 11/10/20081:39:12138.2%
R 112 Two Breweries Hill Race 27/09/20084:13:49151.1%
R 49 Lomonds of Fife Hill Race 17/08/20082:19:58147.6%
R 47 Caerketton Hill Race 13/08/20080:19:13150.3%
R 45 Glenshee 9 10/08/20085:06:49148.7%
R 28 Traprain Law Race 14/06/20080:50:40128.8%
R 27 Yetholm Hill Race 01/06/20081:32:13124.7%
R 134 Dumyat Hill Race 07/05/20080:50:05146.7%
R 46 Greenmantle Dash 02/01/20080:23:11129.8%
R 129 Tinto Hill Race 10/11/20070:44:32146.9%
R 60 Manor Water Hill Race 13/10/20071:35:59139.5%
R 106 Pentland Skyline (ONLINE ENTRY) 06/10/20074:08:48164.1%
R 60 Two Breweries Hill Race 22/09/20074:20:12155.7%
R 61 Red Moss Revolution 15/08/20070:47:56135.2%
R 36 Turnhouse Hill Race 25/07/20070:37:52135.5%
R 21 Yetholm Hill Race 03/06/20071:37:58138.1%
R 75 Ben Lomond Hill Race 12/05/20071:39:35145.1%
R 215 Carnethy 5 Hill Race 17/02/20071:11:00148.0%
R 54 Greenmantle Dash 02/01/20070:22:56142.0%
R 82 Tinto Hill Race 11/11/20060:43:58137.9%
R 76 Pentland Skyline (ONLINE ENTRY) 08/10/20063:28:49138.5%
R 37 Two Breweries Hill Race 23/09/20064:13:17146.8%
R 26 Yetholm Hill Race 04/06/20061:38:10139.7%
R 215 Carnethy 5 Hill Race 11/02/20061:12:56149.4%
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