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About Us
Scottish Hill Racing provides the most comprehensive and up to date source of information on hill racing in Scotland.

Scottish Hill Racing concentrates on four main areas:
Races, Results, Runners and Clubs
There are plenty of hill races in Scotland to choose from and before you decide which one you want to run it's useful to know something about the race.

On the Scottish Hill Racing website we provide a month-by-month calendar of all the major races during the year so you know what's on offer well in advance.

For each race, in addition to the time and location of the event, a description, map of the route and previous winning times are also included to make sure you're fully in the picture.
It's natural to be curious about the other runners you're competing against, but prior to Scottish Hill Racing a comprehensive online picture of these runners simply didn't exist.

One of the main reasons the site was established was to address this need and since 2005 we have built up a unique database currently profiling 21951 runners.
Total Race Participants by Year
Most runners want to see the results soon after the race has finished. There's nothing more frustrating than having to wait days until the results become available.

At Scottish Hill Racing we fully understand this and make every effort to publish the results as soon as possible after the race has been completed.

We also make sure that all results are cross-referenced against individual runners so that you can easily find out all the races run by yourself or a fellow competitor.

Historical results date back to 2005, when the site was launched.
Behind the Scenes
As you might imagine, it takes a great deal effort to provide such a valuable resource, especially given the fact that only 2 people are involved.

Not only has a considerable amount of time been devoted to developing and maintaining the website and underlying database, but a huge amount of ongoing attention is required to ensure that the content on the site is kept accurate and up-to-date.

Every set of race results is a challenge in itself and the names on the list presented by the race organisers have to be painstakingly matched against the runners in the database. This is no easy feat.

We hope that you appreciate the effort that has gone into creating and maintaining the unique resource that is Scottish Hill Racing.

Chris Upson and Bill Fisher 
To contact us regarding the website, its content or advertising, please email Scottish Hill Racing.
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