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Carnethy 5 Hill Race
 Race Details
Race Date Saturday, 15 February 2020
Start Time 2:00pm
Venue Silverburn, Penicuik
Website http://carnethy.com/carnethy-5
Distance 9.1 km
Climb 750 m
Record (M) 0:46:56 - Gavin Bland (1999)
Record (F) 0:54:20 - Angela Mudge (2002)

Although a relatively short race, the route can be exposed to full winter conditions.
Breaking the hour is the target for stronger runners.

The route divides into 2 distinct sections:

Start to the Howe
The startline is something to behold. 500 runners like extras from Braveheart lined up for battle, fittingly at the site of The Battle of Roslin. The race starts with a chaotic charge across flat(ish) marshland for the gateway to the hill. Then steep climbing up Scald Law in a heather trod where passing is awkward. Once at the summit of Scald Law you are exposed to any freezing cold northerly winds for the ridge run to South Black and the Kips. From the top of West Kip drop rapidly to pick up the trail and fast running down to the Howe.

The Howe to the Finish
Once down at the Howe the route back up looks pretty daunting. Gradual climbing leads into a sheltered gully which steepens until it spits you out onto the ridge where you can see there is fair bit more climbing to reach the summit of Carnethy. Once around the huge summit cairn drop sharply onto a spur, then steeply down rough heather with buckling legs, through the gate, then gather all remaining strength for the dash back across the marsh to the finishing mound.

 Previous Results
YearWinnerFirst Lady
2020 Alexander Chepelin (0:53:17) Hannah Russell (1:01:58)
2019 Alexander Chepelin (0:50:34) Sarah McCormack (1:01:37)
2018 Carl Bell (0:51:35) Tessa Strain (0:59:53)
2017 Finlay Wild (0:52:50) Hannah Russell (1:02:30)
2016 Prasad Prasad (0:54:08) Charlotte Morgan (1:01:30)
2015 Andrew Douglas (0:49:23) Charlotte Morgan (0:56:46)
2014 Orlando Edwards (0:51:27) Sarah McCormack (1:00:43)
2013 Finlay Wild (0:49:46) Angela Mudge (0:56:03)
2012 Orlando Edwards (0:47:53) Angela Mudge (0:56:03)
2011 Tom Owens (0:50:31) Angela Mudge (0:57:25)
2010 Rob Jebb (0:48:41) Claire Gordon (1:05:12)
2009 Rob Jebb (0:53:02) Fiona Maxwell (1:03:43)
2008 Lloyd Taggart (0:47:11) Angela Mudge (0:55:13)
2007 Rob Jebb (0:47:59) Angela Mudge (0:56:09)
2006 Rob Jebb (0:48:50) Angela Mudge (0:56:19)
2005 Murray Strain (0:52:10) Jill Mykura (1:00:47)
 Runners by Year
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