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21 runners
 RunnerClubAvg %Winner  Races RecordedGender
Murray, Rab The Darkside128.7%53M
Biggar, Richard The Darkside131.5%1M
Ellis, Ian The Darkside146.2%3M
Black, Colleen The Darkside148.4%13F
Watt, Mike The Darkside150.0%10M
Slater, Lesley The Darkside151.7%2F
Brown, Roger The Darkside154.4%6M
Mearns, Vikki The Darkside155.2%2F
Rees-Jenkins, Jennifer The Darkside155.3%7F
Eaton, Jane The Darkside156.7%10F
Chau, Grace The Darkside158.2%1F
Mitchell, Jay The Darkside159.1%1F
Murray, Ewan The Darkside162.9%1M
McIntosh, Roma The Darkside166.5%4F
Macdonald, Rosanna The Darkside167.3%3F
Torrance, Andrew The Darkside168.7%5M
Taylor, Anne The Darkside169.4%9F
Campbell, Emily The Darkside174.4%1F
Perry, Lee The Darkside184.8%2M
Walton, Ed The Darkside185.0%1M
Black, Kevin The Darkside204.0%1M
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